Triple P Positive Parenting Marriages & Relationships

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Training dates

Triple P Positive Parenting Programs Cost-FREE. Click on home page for contact details to register.

Primary or Teen (Level 4).  1st session training (theory component )1st Saturday 2-7pm of every month. No training during school holidays. Training in either Primary or Teen (level 4) varies each month depending on demand. Bring your own M/tea, lunch, note book & pen. Drinks will be provided.

2nd session/2nd Saturday (practical component) from 9am Individual 10min telephone sessions or if there are more than 5 parents then a 1hr meeting will occur at Wynnum Training Centre.

3rd session/3rd Saturday (practical component) from 9am. Same as above. These support session are for parents to gain encouragement on what is working well and to gain confidence in areas that might require continued improvement. Certificate of completion are given by request.

Parents who have custodial issues can be given a letter of achievement when they have completed a full day training successfully (1st theory component session). Then can continue with the practical component when they have received some custody to gain a full completion certificate.

Training Dates for 2020

Saturday Feb 1st, March 7th, April-No training-school holidays, May 2nd, June 6th, July-No training-school holidays, August 1st, Sept 5th, Oct-No training school holidays, Nov 7th, Dec 5th.

No Training during school holidays.

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